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Cardio-vascular Wellness Screening

I do a Cardio-vascular Wellness screening that indicates the amount of plaque in your arteries. Our customers have the option of a free retesting after 3 months of being on our product, ProArgi-9+. This is a visual to help them track their progress on the product. Learn more about the UBio clip Macpa.


I am an Instructor and Practitioner with The Ortho-Bionomy Association of Canada. I have been involved with Ortho-bionomy for the last 30 years. Besides having a clientele in my home, I also teach classes all across Canada. The class is usually 2 days.


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I am a Reiki Master and Teacher. I teach classes out of my home.


Sports Enhancement & Weight Loss

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I was born with a genetic defect in both my ankles (calcaneo-navicular fibrous bar). Since this problem was not properly treated at that time, I developed a chronic ankle instability, having sprung the ankles dozens of times since the age of 2 (I am 56 years old)

Physiotherapy clinics were my second home until 2 months ago, when I first met Ortho-Bionomy through Mary Thiessen. In this short period of time, I twisted my ankles twice and decided to treat the injury with the techniques prescribed in the Ortho-Bionomy book – A Path to Self Care by Louann Overmyer.

I am still impressed with the almost unbelievable results – on both occasions, the simple touching of the sore points of the hurt ankle, in a very gentle way, right after the sprang, healed the ankle!! For the first time ever, there was no need to undergo physical therapy nor take the anti-inflammatory drugs.

I am very grateful to Mary and looking forward to the basic course on Ortho-Bionomy that Mary will teach on Oct. 29 & 30/2016.

Thank you


I have had a few ortho-bionomy sessions with Mary Thiessen, and am very pleased with the results. It is a relaxing, gentle therapy and I experienced muscle tension releases throughout the body, with an overall sense of well-being as the end result.
Mary’s knowledge and warm personality, her intuition on how to treat, and her dedication to her work in helping others all contribute to the successful ortho-bionomy treatment.


Mary’s treatment helped relax muscles and correct unevenness in my hips.